Accelerate your GitHub workflow

Never miss a comment again. Track pull requests and issues across repositories, directly in your Notification Center or on any device.




  • Link with your GitHub account quickly & easily by creating a GitHub API token, paste it in the quickstart window and you're ready. 
  • “Mine” / “Participated” / “Merged” / “Closed” and “All” sections.
  • Optionally view labels, reviews, and CI status updates
  • Integrated with Notification Center to keep you notified of comments, merges, status updates, and more. 
  • Search / filter items on-the-fly by typing. 
  • Selecting a menu item, notification, or comment opens it in GitHub.
  • View and filter items only from repositories you are watching.
  • Mac menu item turns red when you have unread comments & places badges in on your list of items.
  • Very configurable and light.

See also: Command-line Trailer

  • Powerful query parameters
  • macOS / Linux / Windows
  • Script & SSH friendly